Rammani Adhikari's Farm

Rammani Adhikari's Farm

Rammani Adhikari’s Farm

Banepa, Kavre

He is Rammani Adhikari from Banepa; Kavre. He owns 20 ropani of land and has been involved in vegetable farming and cow farming for six years now. His wife also assists him in farming. In average he saves 50,000 to 1 lakh. The major challenge he faces includes the transportation problem, misconception of people regarding IPM and the problem with mediator who sells the vegetables in high prices. For manure he uses cow dung and for fertilizer he uses vermi-compost. He recently incurred a loss as he was not able to sell his cabbages quickly in the market.

Further, he also stated that it becomes hard for him at times to control the pests without using pesticides and insurance companies do not compensate much when vegetables get damaged.

Contact him @ 9751095440

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