Prem Lama's Farm

Prem Lama's Farm

Prem Lama’s Farm

Ashapuri, Kavre

A humble person by nature Prem Lama is permanent resident of Ashapuri and currently lives in Kathmandu. He has been involved in vegetable farming since 15 years now. The 200 ropani land grows seasonal vegetable and fruits such as kiwi, orange, Goji berry, Yacon, Strawberry. A total of 30 women are employed in his farm that assists in growing the vegetables, monitoring the farm and washing the vegetables after they have grown. He uses different techniques to ensure that vegetables are free of pests.

Further, Mr Prem Lama also provides services such as study visits, training, marketing and counseling. His monthly investment is 9 lakhs whereas his earning is more than 25 lakhs. He has received organic certification from two countries. After three years in business, he was successful to receive an organic certification. He renews his certification every year by paying approx. 5 lakhs With the rising number of people getting into an organic business, he might face challenges in future, but he is currently doing pretty well.

Contact him @ 9851037662

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