Household and Office Help

Household and Office Help

Are you looking for household or office help (Didis/Maids)?

Don’t know where to look for trustworthy and trained help?

Hamri Bahini Green Social Enterprise is here for you.

What do we offer?




How does it work?

  1. Place an inquiry and we find Didis who match your needs.
  2. Interview 3 short-listed Didis.
  3. Employ the one you choose.

Contact Us

Place an inquiry online using the form to the right or by sending us a message in our facebook page. You can also reach us via phone during office hours (9am – 5pm) from Sunday to Friday.

What are people saying about Hamri Bahini Household/Office help?

The service we have received from Hamri Bahini has been invaluable. With the added household help, we are able to focus more on our careers outside of the home. Along with heavily aiding us, we feel that we are helping a Didi who deserves a well-paying and sustainable job. Hamri Bahini has continued to be an active member of the relationship, maintaining communication and ensuring that we are continually provided with the assistance we require and that our Didi is happy and satisfied with her work. She has continued to grow in her position, and has shown a continued drive to learn and improve her ability to assist us. My communication with Hamri Bahini has been instrumental at every intersection, meeting all of our requirements to the best of their ability without hesitation. I will recommend the service of Hamri Bahini to anyone who is in need of household or office help. Monika Dhakhwa, Employer   Nowadays, we hardly get someone who is trustworthy to help us in household works, and this has become a big struggle. Hamri Bahini is an easy and reliable platform to get trustworthy housemaids. The best part about Hamri Bahini’s service is, we as an employer can have face-to-face interview with the person before we select, and there is also a provision to replace the helper if they don’t meet our expectation at work.”  Esha Shrestha, Employer

What are Didi Bahinis saying?

My life has changed significantly since I began my work through Hamri Bahini. I am far more independent, and having a set salary has allowed me to plan and become more financially responsible. I also spend a lot more quality time with my family. Radha Thapa Chettri

The best part is that I have been very satisfied with my placement. In other offices, my hours were always changing and I was often left working overtime and missing family time. With my new employer, they are very nice with hours and my timing is always great. Shanta Bhandari

To me, Hamri Bahini is an amazing enterprise that enables uneducated didi bahini to get respectable employment without leaving their family and going abroad. I am happy with what I have got form Hamri Bahini. Sharmila Thapa

My skills have really developed greatly since beginning work through Hamri Bahini. I have learned so many knew things such as new housekeeping methods and knitting. I have more skills that are fun and fruitful and I apply them on a daily basis. Parbati Shrestha